P H O S P H E N E is a print media shop, plant-based snack bar [COMING SOON] & polyvalent space located on Water Street in Port Townsend, WA.



Sunday 12:00-5:00
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 12:00-6:00
Thursday 12:00-6:00
Friday 12:00-6:00
Saturday 12:00-6:00

* Our shop hours will change [for the better] once our snack bar is ready to open.


Our Values

Independent publishing + artists.
The birth of Phosphene came to, with the idea to support and connect independent artists and publishers with our community.

We want to foster a community within Phosphene. This will be a safe space to have your meaningful conversations, create your art, write your things, fill your stomach with tantalizing treats, pickup the latest copy of your favorite magazine, have a game night with friends, or dance your pants off to local musicians. Sound good? Cool.

Plant-based / organic.
All of our food and drink is vegan and organic. We believe that the healthiest path to tread for both our bodies and our earth is to keep animal products off of our plates.

Trash Light.
We have incorporated the low waste initiative into our shop. In the spirit of remaining trash light, we will not be offering single-use disposables (to-go cups, take-out containers, plastic straws, etc.). We will, however, happily offer you a discount and fulfill your to-go needs, if you bring in your own reusable cups and containers.

Local sourcing.
We aim to source our food from the abundance of local farms and friends in the area. We also aim to eat with the seasons.