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Michael J Grady's Twilight Zone Spec Script Reading Night! (or "Ask Me Again Yesterday.")

If you’ve seen every episode of The Twilight Zone -- even season 4 – and still want more; If you watched the movie, the 80’s reboot, the Noughties reboot and got excited about the Jordan Peele reboot; If you are always the first person to point out the movies who have stolen TZ plots and you compulsively hum Bernard Hermann’s score whenever something inexplicable or uncanny happens , we want you to join us for an all-new, unofficial TZ staged reading at Phosphene!

ASK ME AGAIN YESTERDAY is a Twilight Zone spec script written by Michael J. Grady (of THE TERRIBLE, STUPID THURSDAY and KPTZ’s THE DEATH OF COMEDY) which explores the question:

What would happen if the Time Travel Lobby successfully deregulated travel through the fourth dimension??

A newly-admitted psychiatric patient gives his account of how time travel was invented, why few of us know about it and the tragic results of exploiting time travel technology for fun and profit.

Later Event: August 30
lauren.napier / acoustic set