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closet shaman / Thee Seldon Crisis / Stuntt - Live Sets + Tarot

  • Phosphene 1034 Water Street Port Townsend, WA (map)

Join us for three ambient textured/dark atmosphere live sets from local noisemakers:

closet shaman - original tracks, reconstructed live
“A PNW local, closet shaman began crafting music in the midnight glow of college dorm rooms and walk-in wardrobes. Combining the etheric textures of nature with the visceral feel of bass music, Closet Shaman seeks to combine the introspective nature of the wilderness with the exotic sensuality of the dance floor.”

Thee Seldon Crisis
”Thee Seldon Crisis (also known locally when DJing house music as chaosbit) is a multimedia artist that can't help but be involved and curious about everything. They have spent their life immersed in electronic and experimental music, first as a child playing with tape loops and probing computer circuits to listen to them with the stripped wires of a pair of headphones, and later, the Los Angeles house and rave music scenes, getting involved with experimental public radio broadcasts.

For this performance Thee Seldon Crisis will create soundscapes using array of original ambient-and experimental music, found sounds, field recordings and synthesizers augmented by a few favorite selections from other notable ambient artists to mix and manipulate them together live in the dub-mixing tradition and accompanied by sound-reactive visuals.

The artist welcomes and encourages the audience to treat the performance as textural furniture as ambient music is intended to be, to use the opportunity to mingle, chat and relax in a comfortably unsettling aural couch.”

"Finding foundation in drum circles, Stuntt is growing from the roots within Dub. With 2 vinyl + 2 digital decks, we can explore the textures of the underground to the thundering lines emitted from low-end speaker-boxes. 'Meditate to Bass Weight'."

☾ Tarot Readings from Epiphanies by Moonlight ☾

✦ No Cover
✦ Tea + Coffee + Kombucha available by donation